CVA Solutions, Latin America

CVA Solutions is part of a global network of associates that uses the Customer Value Added (CVA) and People Value Added (PVA) management methodologies. This network of associates has complementary experience and expertise to make up a World-Class team of consultants.

Customer Value Management Inc, North America

Founded by Ray Kordupleski, the creator of the Customer Value Added (CVA) methodology, CVM Inc. is located in the USA and supplies some of the largest Corporations of various products and services segments.

Customer Value Management, Asia Pacific (CVM)

Founded by Ray Kordupleski and Rodger Gallagher, CVM Asia Pacific is located in New Zealand.

Customer Champions, England

Founded by Colin Bates and located in England, Customer Champions focuses its operations on Europe.

ValueMetrics, Australia

Founded by Nick Fischer, it is located in Australia.

Customer Value Foundation, India

Founded by Gautam Mahajan, it is located in India.